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Eleven Lessons I Learned While Writing My First Novel (2022)

Strong women are attractive. Every girl aspires to be one, and every man wants to gain the heart of a strong woman. However, it's not always easy to be a powerful

last update : 22 APRIL 2022 | El Hajji MOUNA

Top Seven Books To Help You Overcome Overthinking

Mental health is the concern of every human being. We can't help stressing about the future, jobs, university, children, etc.People a const... continue reading

last update: 11 july 2022 | Mouna El Hajji

Books Every Girl Should Read At Least Once In Life

What an excitement filling my heart that I'am going to talk about one of my favorite books of all time. These books helped me a lot to develop my personality and to become a better version of myself. They crossed my way like magic when I... continue reading

last update : 01 APRIL 2022 | El Hajji Mouna

7 Simple Tips To Write Your First Novel From Scratch

Before you start reading this blog, please bear in mind that these are only opinions based on my own experience with writing novels and stories, and there are probably very qualified... continue reading

last update : 30 DECEMBER 2021 | Mouna El Hajji

My favorite characters of all time

By now that I've read so many various books, I can assure you that I still feel like I'm reading for the first time with every book I read. Whenever I read a new story, there is a different experience and a... continue reading

last update : 6 december 2021 | Mouna Elhajji

10 Top Reasons Why Your Novel Gets Rejected

Rejection is the black curse in the writer's world. If you try to discuss rejection with beginner writers or even experts, you'd understand that the topic is a little bit... continue reading

last update : 21 october 2021 | Mouna Elhajji

How to Write A Short Story In 5 Steps

So many people want to have the attitude to read books. However, the majority feel annoyed with the first page or the second considering their... continue reading

last update: 1 july 2021 | Loubna El Hajji

The Best Writing Apps For Writers In 2022

Fortunately, some pretty solutions could make it easier. Here, we're introducing writing apps. Nonetheless, the massive evolution of technology witnessed the innovation of hundreds... continue reading

last update: 15 july 2022 | Mouna El Hajji

Lily Bloom Character Analysis + How To Imitate Lily Bloom Character

When I started reading It ends with us, I had no idea what the book was about or how it was reviewed by readers. I just got attracted by the...

last update : 12 APRIL 2022 | Mouna Elhajji

How To Read Faster And Remember More

As a beginner, you must be overwhelmed with your slow pace in reading. You finish a book in two months or more, you still have a reading challenge to finish, but you can do nothing about...

last update : 26 february 2022 | Mouna El Hajji

Novels To Read If You Want To Improve Your English

While reading other's authors' books, we could not prevent ourselves from being astonished by the great coherence of the book or the novel. We start wondering whether the one who wrote that book was a genius or a normal person... continue reading

last update: 10 DECEMBRE 2021 | Loubna Elhajji

8 Tips To Write Good characters For Your Novel

Have you ever read a story where the protagonist feels kinda boring? I bet you did. Then what was the first thing that comes to your mind? Closing the book, and move to another one. Smart move. Because flat

last update : 15 september 2021 | Mouna Elhajji

Books To Read If You Want To Improve Your English

People in the world need to talk to each other, help each other, understand each other, but since every country has its own language, the procedure of... continue reading

last update: 9 september 2021 | Loubna Elhajji

My Favorite Seven Authors Of All Times!!

Through my long journey in reading, I had the chance to meet plenty of authors. And then I divided them into categories: Authors I loved. Authors I ... continue reading

last update: 2 october 2021 | Mouna Elhajji

The Best Mystery Story Ideas Of 2022

Day after day, mystery books are getting so much attention and passion. It is not a hidden thing that once a reader picks a mystery-thriller book, he can never... continue reading

last update : 26 JANUARY 2022 | Mouna Elhajji

The Best Romance Story Ideas Of 202

Romance novels are almost the reader's favorite type. We can prove that by the increased number of readers day after day. Not only do readers love to read ... continue reading

last update : 10 JANUARY 2022 | Mouna Elhajji