I have read so many books. But I still feel the same passion as if I'm reading for the first time. Whenever I read a new story, there is a different experience and a whole stack of fresh emotions. Of course, when we speak about a novel, we speak about the characters forming this novel. So, today's blog is about the characters I loved the most in my reading journey.

Characters in stories are just fictional, but as I get deep into reading, they became a part of my family. Sometimes, I even think of them all night waiting for the morning to come so I can pick up the book and meet my dear friends again.

I'm writing this blog because of a dull class where I was supposed to write a list of the next readings. Suddenly, I felt a mass of melted emotions when I remembered one of the closest characters to my heart. Then, an idea illuminated my mind. Why don't I write a blog where I express my love for the characters that I loved the most throughout my reading journey.

I'm not going to mess with the fun. Stay tuned.

1. Daniel Sempere Martin (The Cemetery of Forgotten Books)

Honestly, the idea of this blog comes to my mind because of Daniel. Daniel was the reason I could regard characters as something real and physique. I can't tell you how much love and appreciation I hold for this man. He was my first best fictional friend. He is like the person that you can call after midnight or chat with him when you don't feel right.

Daniel is the main personality of one of my favorite novels of all time which is The shadow of the wind. In my reading planet, this novel is my first love. The same way you believe that love exists when you fall in love with someone, I believed that I was born to read books when I met The shadow of the wind. It was all I needed to get deep into that world.

Three years had passed since the last time I've read this novel. However, Daniel is always living within an exceptional zone in my heart. If someone asks me about my favorite type of man, I'll say Daniel for sure. I don't mind if people know who's Daniel or not. It's enough that I do.

Daniel was a little child when he discovered the world of books through the cemetery of forgotten books. This cemetery is the main hub of the story. The author tried to present it as magical and scary at the same time. Nevertheless, he was always able to keep the story realistic. What I loved the most about that man was his determination, his ferocity, his rudeness, his courage to face fears and doubts. I appreciated the way he takes the courage to confess his love for his lover. He was a caring person, he was always there when his friends needed him.

Another remarkable thing about daniel is his love for the chosen book. He sacrificed all his time to find out the secrets behind the worries of the main protagonist of that book. Then, surprises began to happen in his life.

2. Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter series)

The famous Hermoine Granger.

Honestly, Granger is the kind of nerdy student that I hate the most in school. Yeah, I'm not so much into that kind of ideal student who's always sitting at first tables trying to be as close as possible to the professor. But Granger was an exceptional case.

I grow up living with social anxiety, I was always afraid to talk, and to express my ideas so I don't get rejected. Then comes Hermoine like magic. I admired her strength and her confidence. I loved the way she was able to defend against injustice and bear all the responsibility. I was amazed by her ability to help her friends and everyone in need. She becomes my model in life. In a simple way, I wanted to be like her.

Hermoine survived her loneliness with pride. She accepted her feeling of difference from everyone in Hogwart. She didn't care about the criticism she received from others because of her appearance and her origin. I also admired her loyalty to Harry and Ron, the way she cared for them and was there whenever they needed her. She was their saver in difficulties and hardship.

I also loved her capacity to learn new things. She literally knew everything that relates to the magical world of Hogwarts.

As you can see, there are so many things that I admire about this fabulous girl. But what's attracted me the most about her was her revolt, her courage to do whatever she wanted not giving a shit about anyone. She defied her parent's desire and did what she wanted to do. She took the risk and never regret it.

I always hoped I could have this ability to get rid of everything that society presses me to do and just go and do whatever I want, even if what I want is doing magic.

I'll always stay thankful for Hermoine because she taught me how to fight for the things that keep me alive. To rebel against the system when I don't feel right.

3. Harry Potter (Harry Potter series)

I'll start this paragraph simply with OH my god.

There is so much to say about my dear harry potter. Literally, that kid made me happy again. You know that sensation when you are empty and have nothing unique covering your life until someone comes into your life like magic. And all of sudden, the sky rains flowers above your head. That was the effect of harry potter in my life.

Harry is a strong guy that survived living between the walls of his aunt's house bearing the grumpiness of his cousin. I don't think someone could support living in such a crazy house. But Harry did it.

What's attracted me the most about Harry was his concern for everyone he knew. If you recognize me enough, you'd know that I love affectionate men. I can hug a man if I see him crying and even demand him marry me (I'm kidding 😂). And I feel like Harry is my type of man.

Harry potter lost everyone he loved, and though he was always there whenever someone needed him.

I'll reveal one last thing about the series of Harry Potter in general. I always longed for harry and Hermoine to be together in the end since they are my two favorite characters in the movies. That doesn't mean that I don't like Ron. But I always imagined Harry and Hermoine as a couple from the first time I saw them in the movie. I was kinda disappointed when they didn't end up together.

4. Kaz Brekker (Six of crows/ crooked kingdom)

Hey readers of six of crows, I see you.

After reading six of crows, I realized that I was born to love bad guys. Readers of six of crows would relate.

The readers of this novel are split into two categories. The one who loves Kaz and the others who hate him and disapprove of his cold behaviors toward his friend. Kaz can love, but he will never show his admiration toward someone because he see love as a sign of weakness.

Okay, I have to admit that Kaz irritated me in so many cases, especially when it comes to his behavior with Inej (the girl he loves). He is supposed to love here, but he never wanted to admit his love. Nevertheless, he never fails to protecte her and was there for her whenever she needed him. He was the one to save her from her tragic past. I would've always hated him for his silly prejudice toward the girl he loves until I realized that he was only protecting her by getting away from her.

Kaz always tried to show his strong side as if he was some kind of immortal. However, what's inside was a kid who longs for tenderness and love; Inej was the only one to know that.

5. Lily bloom (It ends with us)

The story of Lily is fictional. However, I felt at some point like I'm reading a true devasting story. There is a lot of lessons to extract through the story of Lily. She endured so much pain and was always ready to stand up again.

If you asked someone what's the thing that can make their life painful, most would answer family problem. Our dear Lily wasn't different.

from an early age. Her father was that kind of violent man who commits faults and never wanted to confess them. He Insulted Lily's mom every day, bitted her, raped her. Lily was always upset about her mom's weakness. She wondered about the reason why her mom managed to play the victim role when she had the possibility to divorce and to walk away.

Lily promised herself to fall in love only with the right person and to avoid all men that could resemble her father. Sadly, life didn't work the way she wanted, and all of sudden she found herself repeating the story of her mother.

The story of Lily taught me not to stick to someone no matter how much I love him if he was the reason I cried one day. I will never forget the advice of Lily's mom when Lily was on the urge to collapse.

"Hear me very well little one, the one who truly loves won't stay when he knows that he is the one who makes your life painful" That hits me so much.

Even if you have never read the story of Lily Bloom, I'm sure that you're touched by this little extract. She is indeed an example of a girl who fights violent men in childhood and adulthood. But still believes in goodness.

6. Elizabeth Bennet (pride and prejudice)

Elizabeth reflects everything that relates to stubbornness, strength, pride, and confidence. She is also intelligent, witty, and talented. She never let society rules prevent her from playing piano or singing or do whatever she wants to do.

There was one thing that disturbed me about her which is taking advantage of her intelligence to laugh or ridicule the follies of others. Nevertheless, as I get deep into the story, I understand that she was right in mocking some people.

In a period where girls are told to obey, Elizabeth chose to rebel. Her mom never stopped pushing her toward a blind marriage wanting to show up as the mother of married girls. But Elizabeth was a total badass that refused to enter into a marriage just for the sake of money and security. She wanted true love, and she was courageous enough to look for it till the end.

The most admirable instance of her courage in Pride And Prejudice would be how she ride a horse on a rainy day when her dress got stained with mud just to see her sister Janet who was sick and far from home.

On the other side, the story of Elizabeth and Darcy is the ultimate proof that pride in love sucks, and it's way better to confess your emotions than to treat the one you love with rudeness in the name of love. Lately, I've seen this phenomenon too widespread in society, and it's always a mystery. When you love someone, you should treat him at least like a good friend, not as an enemy. However, pride must be fully present in case the one you love is always abstain from showing up his love.

7. Jose (The Bamboo Stalk)

This is an Arabic novel, so I don't know if the novel is traduced to any other language or not. This is a highly recommended novel that I will hold in my heart forever.

Jose is a tragic character that makes me cry every time he expresses his deepest emotions. He was one of those who were forced to live under the surname of "illegal son", children who feel forsaken for something they were never responsible for.

Jose used to live with his mother in Philipin, but he always wished to see his father who is a rich man in Kuwait. Jose always thought that his worthless life would change completely once he was in his father's rich country imagining all the great things that he can do there, and all the love that he will receive from his father's family. He fantasized about a warm lap waiting for him. Nevertheless, all he got was disappointment when he realized that his father's family would never accept him because he is an illegal son. As he grew up, he realized that life doesn't work the way he expected it to work.

I appreciated how Jose accepted everything he endured. He tried to be always patient about the silliness of his father's family. He never complained about their rude behavior toward him. Jose really made me realize that we have so many virtues to be grateful for, but we're always in search of something greater and bigger. Jose wished for nothing but a stable family.

8. Samia Yusuf Omar (Don't Tell Me You're Afraid)

Now, this is a real personality. If you google the name of Samia, you'll find plenty of crowded information about her. But I prefer that you read the book because it's a whole experience. You'll travel to Somalia for a while and come back with a combination of mixed emotions.

Samia is an example of a warrior who is capable of doing anything to achieve her dream no matter what difficulties life presents. Samia was never afraid of taking the risk and seizing opportunities whenever they are available. She was a believer that we only live once, and we should make the maximum out of our lives. She fought for what she wanted to do. She challenged all the اcircumencences. She worked by herself with no mentor and was always proud of her slightest achievements. Samia is a model for everyone who presents executes not being capable to achieve their dreams.

Even though Samia's story shows us how unfair life is, but it also shows us that you don't need excuses to achieve your dreams. As long as you're passionate about something, you can do it.

9. Eleanor Oliphant (Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine)

As much as I love Eleonor, she became my fictional sister. Even though she's just an imaginary character, but my heart created a special zone for her. I would've said that I'm in love with Eleanor because of the emotions that we share as two girls who survived social anxiety. Then realized that Eleanor is the sister of everyone who endured a period of social anxiety. If you're sad about being a lonely person who is afraid of socializing, just go read the story of Eleanor, it's really inspiring.

Eleanor is an introverted girl who survived a painful past and therefore socializing with people was always a struggle for her. In so many cases, she thought she was rejected and felt like no one wanted to make acquaintance with her due to her weirdness. Elenor experienced harsh social anxiety. She considered suicide several times. She was a lonely girl in her thirties, and no one is there for her to hear her when she's ashing and when she's crying. At some point, the world became nothing but a dark hole ready to swallow her.

However, everything changed the moment she met Raymond who played the role of the angel that saved her from her misery. Raymond showed Eleanor that there are plenty of people who survived the same sorrowful destiny as her out there, and they have no one to save them.

Eleanor proved to me that however, life seems to darken, there is always a light waiting for us in the end. That I'm not the only one in this life experiencing bad things and rude feelings.

You may be thinking like:

- But Eleanor found the one to save her from the difficulties of life. We don't.

You don't need someone to save you. You always have an option to save yourself. You can be Eleanor and Raymond at the same time.

10. Severus Rogue (Harry Potter series)

Oh Serius, what the hell have you done to me? I'm supposed to hate you!

In the debut of the Harry Potter series, I despised that man so much. I dismissed his cold behavior and his harsh features. He was never the kind of professor that would be passionate with his students.

Sirius seemed always to be evil and harmful. But if you just dig a little into his soul, you'll find a soft spirit tormented by the love of the past.

Sirius showed me the importance of understanding people around us. We may encounter a severe person and claim that he's just a psycho or he has social anxiety or some kind of mental illness. But we never think that someone's past is harder than he can presume. At some point, I wished I could enter the television or the book and say to Sirius that everything is about to be okay. Just rest in peace.


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