How To Read Faster And Remember More

As a beginner, you must be overwhelmed with your slow pace in reading. You finish a book in two months or more, you still have a reading challenge to finish, but you can do nothing about it. You can't stop searching for some tips to read faster and remember more. I'd like to reassure you my dear friend that pace was an obstacle in every reader's life.

If you believe in the quote saying that we're not born with knowledge in our head, we gain it. I'd like to tell you that reading makes part of this quote too, it also belongs to the family of any other activity that demands practice, effort, and persistence. Welcome to the party.

As simple as that, reading is a sensitive heart that demands care, passion, and love. The more you show affection, devotion, and effort, the more you get better.

For the last few years, I've been so drowned in my massive work and studies. I hadn't so much time to read, and so I’ve always wished I could discover a way to read faster and remember more, and maybe finish a book in two or three days by reading one hour or less.

I was about to give up claiming that the thing called "how to read faster and retain more" is just a myth. But then I gave it a shot and I began looking for ways that would help me to grow my reading rhythm. And here I am sharing with you some of the secrets that will help you to read faster and retain more.

And because I'm so positive about life, I'd like to assure you that reading faster isn't impossible. Reading a book in one or two days was never a hard mission. Stay tuned if you're looking for proof on how to read faster and remember more information.

Let's dig in.

How to read books or novels efficiently

#Set a timer

Setting a timer was one of the best methods that helped me to read faster.

As a beginner, don't try to set more than one hour.

There are so many advantages to setting a timer. For example, Whenever you feel the desire to quit the book and hold the phone or do any other activity, you'll remember that you promised yourself to not put the book down until the timer is done. I know that you're an honest person, so you're not considering breaking the promise.

Also, you will start observing the difference with your reading pace. Let's consider a little situation: you've completed 20 pages in one hour on the first day, then 30 pages in one hour on the second day.

As you can see, it's a great way to pursue your reading evolution. And because we are competitive by nature, you won't be satisfied with less than 30 pages on the third day. Unconsciously, your reading pace is improving, and you're one step ahead to achieve your goal to read faster and retain more.

Honestly, I was too lazy to set a timer at first, but once I tried it, I was amazed by how productive I was.

#Daily weakly / monthly reading goals

Once the word goal is said, everyone judges it professionally. We believe that we have to set goals only when it comes to our jobs, studies, and dreams. But have you ever considered visualizing reading faster as a goal?

It may seem just a word, but it has a whole different meaning depending on how we see it. Surely, we have a clear idea of how goals are defined in normal cases, but what about "how to read faster?" goals?

Let's consider a situation so we can understand how things work:

You can bring a paper or a notebook, and write down that you want to read 100 pages per day, a book per week, and four books per month. This way, you've fixed your reading goals. Hence, every time you feel lazy reading, remember the goals and view them as fateful fortes. Your life depends on it.

If you struggle with misplacing papers and notebooks like me. I recommend you to use Goodreads. It's a simple application where you can set an annual goal, and whenever you finish a book, you add it to your reading list.

You can write reviews and rate the book, and people react to it. It may seem simple, but you won't believe the happiness that touches my heart every time I add a new book to my reading list.

It's just amazing how such little things feel great. It's the little victories. And every time you read a book, your reading speed is enhanced

Goodreads helped me so much to read faster and better. It allowed me to preserve my reading habits even when I wasn't in the mood to read.


Never believe those who claim that subvocalizing is one of the best tricks to read faster. It's a lie..

We're talking here about a process of speaking the words in your head as you read. This is by far the most contributing factor in slowing down the reading pace. As I got deep into reading, I realized that reading a page in a low voice took less than one minute, while it can take more than two minutes when reading loudly.

Bodies get exhausted because of tough exercises, and so mouths would get tired too because of the repeated movements. Thus, reading in a loud voice is the main source of fatigue.

So, instead of reading for one hour, you'll set up for twenty. This will slow down your reading pace, and won't help you with your goal to read faster and better.

Most people assume that subvocalizing helps them absorb the meaning of paragraphs more effectively. And they're wrong since our minds can process information much faster when the reading mission is assigned only to the eyes. Words are processed in our minds, and we can switch from one word to the other very fluently.

If you think about it a little bit, you don't need to repeat every word loudly so you can understand the content of the book or whatever you are reading. We can accept such an act when we were younger and trying to make our way through reading.

But, as we grow, our minds extend, and so we need to adapt to our mind's capacities.

I know that SUBVOCALIZING may be a habit, and it can be hard to get rid of it. So you can try some funny tricks like diverting yourself with some music or drinking something. You can also use your finger to follow the words. Try it, shut your mouth, and see that the answer to the famous question "how to read faster and remember more" was just in front of you.

#Turn Off Your Phone

I will never stop saying that the phone is our sweet enemy. We can't help ourselves from being distracted by its presence beside us. So, this advice is not only for those who want to read faster but for everyone who can't feel focused while doing their work.

The easiest way to get rid of the phone is to turn it off and banish it, which means keeping it away from you. For example, if you're sitting in your bedroom, keep the phone in the farthest room (even if it's the kitchen).

It may seem useless, but if you give it a try, you'll understand that you're too lazy to go looking for the phone and you'll be even more discouraged when you'll remember that it's turned off. Maybe you're too sluggish to go to the room and wait for that phone to open up.

Go ahead and try it. You have nothing to lose (except the phone)

This is one of the best tricks to read faster and be more productive with your reading.

#Don't Re-read Sentences

going back to my first years of reading, I remember that I used to repeat hard sentences as much as possible to absorb extremely the meaning behind them. I always thought that the book won't make sense if I didn't capture the meaning of every line.

After years of experience, I've realized that there are so many passive paragraphs in books. Let's take a look at the descriptive paragraphs. Some authors describe a city or a house on more than one page.

So why bother yourself reading all those pages while you can skip it. Therefore, re-reading sentences won't give you any additional comprehension or information and won't help you to improve your reading pace.

I can talk about a special case which is the case of academic books. Those books require a massive understanding. Surely, you'd encounter paragraphs written difficultly with some challenging words.

And it will require some time to understand and process the purpose of the section. In this case, re-reading is highly recommended. But avoid using it when it comes to simple novels or books. It's surely not the best choice if you're looking to read faster.

#Read More .

Reading is about practicing. The more you read, the better you became. You have to see it as a skill that takes time to develop. We always have this desire of taking our business to another level, we want to evolve it, enrich it, and make it bigger. So, if you are serious about reading, you have to think about it the same way you think about your serious stuff.

It's always advisable to start with easy novels like rom-com novels or young adult novels. Don't try to act heroic and read some large intellectual books. Those books are consuming, tiring, and require significant energy. Read easy stories. Take your time to discover the secrets of reading, and find out what's your favorite genres.

I will never stop saying that reading the right book is a great way to see the world of books as a beautiful galaxy where you want to drown and never come back to the real world. Once you're in love with reading, the pages became a dear friend, words became an existence full of life.

Therefore, reading became like a plate of sweet fruits, the more you eat, the more you desire.

This way, reading won't be a big deal, and growing your reading skills won't be hard. So, you have all the time to practice reading.

#Read Faster And Retain More.

Reading quickly is a great way to finish a huge number of books in a short period. But, does the same thing apply to the information?

Logically, as much as we read fast, our chances of retrieving information decrease. So, there seems to be that reading fast has an evil side too.

No need to worry, because there are always solutions. Through my reading journey, I've realized that one of the most efficient ways to conserve the information in your head is to make notes.

I know that this is repeated advice. I know that you're too lazy to pick a notebook and a pen to write. You assert that you won't go back to those notes anyways so why bother yourself writing them. Nevertheless, Only by writing the notes, you'll remember them.

If that's always an impossible mission for you, you can use highlighters and highlight what you see as important information.

Let me live, love,
and say it well in good sentences

As we reach the end of our blog, we can see that productive reading is a balance between pace and comprehension. Changing your reading pace depends on the type of book you're reading.

As the last word, I would like you to apply these tricks that will surely help you to read faster. Nonetheless, you have to keep in mind that the effects won't be momentary. Improvement will show up after days of hard work and perseverance. So, don't feel discouraged from the first attempt. You have all the life ahead of you.

If you think these tricks to read faster are worth the shot, please share the post 😊.


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