The Best Fantasy Story ideas of 2022

You don't have to be a J.K Rowling to write a great fantasy novel.

The surprising fact is that even J.K wasn't an expert, nor did she attend writing courses when she wrote the famous legacy of Harry Potter. She owned the idea accidentally when she was on the train. She took the courage to write it.

In fact, ideas aren't hard to find. You can be watching a movie. Suddenly, an idea pops into your mind. The majority of the ideas that we will tip in this post are the result of a coincidence.

Let's get started to discover some great fantasy story ideas that you can develop into great novels.

All of these things are supposed to help you to write the novel of your dreams, but without taking the courage to invest a good amount of time congealing what you want to write about, this novel-to-be won’t come to a culmination.

# Dark Fantasy Story Ideas

The wicked charm

1. Alabama is the kingdom of happiness where people live peacefully. Their souls never knew the meaning of sore. Until the adventurous hero discovers the dark Neighborhood of the village where a beautiful woman lives alone, and when someone looks at her, he'll be condemned with her charm. Then, the hero should find a way to break the voodoo before it kills him. Will he be able to get rid of the curse, or will she love him and break the curse by herself?


2. Your mom is sick. She told you to take care of the grocery. While you're wandering between the streets of the supermarket, you find her there looking at you with bloody eyes, and a dark face and no one seems to notice her but you

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The Deadly Magic

3. A wizard comes to develop the best magic in his career. he was about to reveal his achievement to the world when he realized that someone ruined his mixture by adding dark magic to it. After a while, the mixture was gone, and he should find it before it destroys the world.


4. Parents kill their daughter after being told that she has a blood of a sinner. She will cause nothing but misery to the world. What happened when the parents realized that they trusted the wrong wizard and he take her for himself because she is the chosen one? The parents should start looking for their daughter before it's too late.

My Dear Fan

5. A man is obsessed with an actress for about three years. He rewatched all her works more than once. He can't even stop mourning her death. One day, he wished he could see her one time, and his wish came true. But he will discover the secrets of her brutal death.

The whisper

6. A girl starts hearing whispers at the age of nine. She never cared about it until she became eighteen. The whisper tells her that one of the family is going to die, and she must prevent the catastrophe before happening.

The pink door

7. A little girl is captivated by the illusion of a pinky door in the world of Disney land. She takes advantage of her mother's inattention and runs to it. When she opened the door, it swallowed her, and she found herself in a deserted forest. And she is in her twenties.

It All Starts With A Paper

8. A desperate boy decided to imprison himself in a dark whirlpool of depression after his mom's death. His girlfriend broke up with him. He lost his first position in the class. While passing an exam, He intends to mark his presence and go. however, every idea seemed to vanish when the exam paper was accompanied by another mysterious blank paper that wrote words all by itself. The first words tell him that the paper will reveal his mother's murder if only he did what he is requested to do.

The Black Hole

9. A girl was born with a black hole in her left leg. Her parents were told that the hole is a curse and they must hide it with the most powerful magic in the kingdom. Her parents did their best to hide the hole. However, the magic covering the black hole was gone, and the girl ought to find the one who cursed her to abolish the effect of the hex. What happens when she knows that the one who cursed her is the one she's deeply in love with.

# Cool Fantasy Story Ideas

The Teacher

1. A teacher is exhausted with students' immature behavior. He was on the way to put his resignation request when he met a woman on the pathway, and she told him to follow her.

The Evil Version Of Myself

2. A girl wished she could be more beautiful. Her wish came true but in a different way. The wish created for her is another girl who looks exactly the same but is much prettier. She realized that has just stepped into hell because this version is not only charming but also a wicked person; a killer.

# Medieval Fantasy Story Ideas

War Over Peace

1. In A mythical world, tribes coexist peacefully. They never fail to help each other and fight side by side in the good and the bad. One day, the leader of one of the tribes was gone, and the war starts to hit. What would lovers do when they know that they must fight against each other?

The Brutal Curse

2. Within the walls of a brutal kingdom, girls are condemned to die at the age of twenty once they give birth to a child or two. What happens when the curse fails to affect a girl, and the wizard must kill her. Otherwise, the curse will never work again.

Finding You

3. The princess of Akzabma is lost in her lovely world of books. One day, she opened a book with a peculiar cover. She can't help the chock that filled her heart when words start filling a blank page telling her that she has only one month to live. If she wants to save herself, she needs to find the most dangerous thief of Akzabma.

Help To Revenge.

4. After her father's kingdom gets ruined by the most dangerous monsters in the kingdom, a princess turns into a fierce warrior to get her revenge by requesting the help of the most talented wizard. But first, she has to convince him to help her because he promised himself never to practice magic again after a deadly disaster.

I Know Magic Too

5. A servant's daughter is in love with the prince of the kingdom who is in love with a beautiful princess. She tries to play her magic tricks on him to make him love her. But what happens when she realizes that he is also a magician? And how he would turn to love her long after hating her.

The Killing Mission

6. The son of the queen gets kidnapped. The king summoned his strongest soldier to seek his son. Unfortunately, no one had found a trace of the child. They lost hope of finding him. Years pass and the son returns to the castle. But as the dangerous wizard in the kingdom whose mission is to ruin the king's family, his family.

A train To New York

7. A twenty years old boy was having a train to New York. Suddenly, the train changed its direction and headed to the kingdom of "Laranimay" where warriors are made. He needs to win all the difficult challenges and become a soldier if he wants to be back home.

# Short Fantasy Story Ideas

A girl wished to be older. What would happen when her wish comes true?

A wizard uses a spell inaccurately, and he needs to fix things before his boss knows.

In a kingdom where people are supposed to be cruel to live, a girl was cursed to be kind. What kind of difficulties would she encounter?

In a moment of anger, a man wishes to become a bird --> his wish came true.

A man returns home suddenly to find his wife practicing magic. His wife is a wizard.

A boy is being bullied. He wishes he could become more powerful. His wish comes true, but he become also a killer.

An abandoned boy wishes to be loved by the most beautiful girl on earth. His wish comes true, but the girl is a ghost --dead.

A man discovers that his life is a competition show where the loser dies.

A man and his wife switch bodies because of a curse, and they need to break it

For more fantasy story ideas, you can visit Erica's Blog. She has a great imagination, and I"m in love with her work.

# Best Sellers Recommendation

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I hope these Fantasy story ideas helped you to find a great idea to develop into a significant novel.

If you find the post, don't hesitate to share.

See you soon.


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