When I started reading It ends with us, I had no idea what the book was about or how it was reviewed by readers. I just got attracted by the cover when I was scrolling through Instagram posts and then downloaded the pdf version of the book.

I never regretted my decision to read this masterpiece. if you read my review about it, you'll understand how much I loved it, and am ready to reread it with an open heart.

If you're here, that means that you also loved the character of Lily bloom and you wish you could write her twin character or at least read an analysis of her character. And that's what we're about to touch on in this blog.

Please keep in mind that this is my own Lily Bloom Character analysis. You could find another opinion in other blogs, or you may have a different point of view. So, let's accept differences.

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#Who is Lily Bloom?

Before we start Lily Bloom character analysis, we must define all the dimensions of the characters, and thus we have to ask some pretty good questions.

. Where does he live?

. What's her family situation?

. What's her social situation?

. is she rich/poor?

. What's her principle on life?

Lily bloom was born into a rich family. She was raised to be a kind girl with a warm heart that loves helping others, and that was the reason why she wanted to help Atlas who was homeless and about to die within the claws of the cold weather.

Lily suffered from Domestic violence, and she couldn't be as cool as her other friends. Because of her abusive father, she thought that men are not good and they incarnate the evil on earth.

However, Lily sticks to her kindness even though her father continues to tell her that poor people don't deserve help and that kindness is another form of weakness.

#Her Ability To Survive Hard Moments.

Lily survived one of the dangerous issues of society: Domestic violence.

She was forced to live with a fierce father who was known for his good composure, elegant manners, and a wide big smile in front of friends and family, and then he reveals his monster version when he's between the walls of his house.

He never missed an opportunity to beat his wife and torture her in the worst possible ways. He even raped her when she simply smiled without his consent. unfortunately, Lily was there every time her mom get abused, and she witnessed every moment of agony even though her mother did her best to hide the truth.

However, throughout all sorrow and the hell that this little girl survived because of her forceful father, Lily didn't give up her kindness or her good manners just because she endured a hard life like those who decided to choose wickedness just to revenge on their poor circumstances.

Not to mention that Lily's father never stopped teaching her that people in difficult situations don’t deserve help.

Lily managed to conserve her good heart even when life wasn't fair to her. Personally, this is the ultimate description of strength.

# Dreams

Surely, dreams are a crucial part of every character's analysic. Lily Bloom's character analysis isn't different.

Lily bloom had a dream and she achieved it. That's another feature to confess for her.

Lily isn't the kind of girl who would follow society's rules just to make people satisfied. She didn't try to find for her an assured job after her graduation. She followed her intuition and her passion and she did what she enjoyed doing. She started a floral shop.

She knew that a floral shop could not be a great source of monetizing, but she took the risk and did what she always admired doing. Fortunately, it worked.

#Confessing Her Emotions

This is an important point to know about lily if you're serious about imitating her personality. When her father died, she didn't take the trouble to hide her real emotions. She never shed a tear at his funeral announcing to everyone that she wasn't sorry for her dad's death.

You can notice that when she was asked to say a good word about her father, she just stayed silent the whole time. Not only because she wanted to show the world that she really hated that man but also because there were no adequate words to describe him.

If they demanded her to list sinful descriptions, she would talk without taking a breath.

This is another shape of courage.

Lily showed us that we have to respect our fathers. But only when they deserve respect.

#Her Relationship With ATLAS

Lily loved Atlas unconditionally. Fortunately, their love was mutual.

Atlas wasn't rich nor charismatic. He was also contrary to what girls demand from a man. But he had a good heart.

Lily risked her life, got against her friend's and classmates' opinions, and decided to help a homeless person who is considered nothing but a pile of rubbish. She smuggled warm blankets and clean clothes for him, and they even watched television together when her parents were out.

Lily even crossed the line, and give to Atlas the opportunity to take a shower when her parents were out.

Their relationship was the kind of doomed relationship that's not supposed to work. And that's sadly what happened. They break their communication line when Atlas got a chance to go to work in Boston. He wanted to stay with Lily, but she didn't intend to play the selfish girl role by preventing the man from pursuing his future.

This way, their path separates till an unspecified time.

So many people may wonder why would Lily bloom fell in love with such a decent person like Atlas while she had a group of wonderful and elegant friends.

Simply, because lily felt with Atlas what she couldn't feel with any other person. He was considerate, sympathetic, generous, helpful, and do much more.

He helped her when he figured out her family situation and how she was the victim of Domestic violence. He replaced the tenderness that her father failed to provide.

#Her Relationship With Her Mom

Lily loved her mom the same way every girl adores their moms. But there were moments when she just can't help the anger that filled her heart toward her mom. She never stopped wondering why would her mom consent to stay with such an abusive man while she could easily demand a divorce and move on with life to another level.

Lily wished she could escape with her mother to a place where nobody knows about them.

She even tried to extract the reason why her father would behave this way toward her mother. She wasn't committing any mistakes. She was just being herself, so why this monster should berate her because she smiled?

Why her mother was so weak to defend herself and adopt a strong personality that would allow her to stand up in her father's face?

Lily Bloom decided not to take her mother as a model in life and promised herself never to be as weak as her mother.


Personally, I think that the main weakness of Lily Bloom was Ryle Kincaid.

This isn't to say that Lily was vulnerable because of love. No, Lily felt like she had a duty toward Ryle. He was kind to her. No one had ever treated her the way he did. He never failed to amaze her with the most outstanding surprises.

A girl can't help falling for a man such as Ryle Kincaid. Thus, she didn't waver a moment when he proposed to marry her.

She believed that life was about to beam for her and that everything is about to turn in her favor. She will overlook the past and turn a new page once they will get married. Nevertheless, secrets come and destroy everything.

Ryle turned out to be a monster.

She come to this realization when he first abused her and pushed her hard to the ground because of a silly misstep. She wanted to convince herself that it was just a moment of anger and she easily pardoned him when he demanded forgiveness.

But once temper tantrums became frequent, fears started to spread across every part of her body.

She continues to persuade herself that it was just a normal reaction till the day he tried to rape her because he suspected that she cheats on him.

Even though it was hard for her to admit it, but Ryle was another version of her father.

“Naked truths aren’t always pretty.”

Lily forgave Ryle so many times, and she never stopped wondering about the reason why she was doing this. She'd say that she loves him and can't just simply ignore all the good moments they spent together, all the promises they shared. But she couldn't prevent her heart from shattering when she realized that she was becoming another version of her mom.

Lily Bloom began questioning herself and her emotions, she couldn't understand why she was hesitating about her desire to leave Ryle Kincaid.

Lily Bloom was enduring one of the hardest moments in her life. She was lost in the sea of overthinking and emotions. Thus, she decided to demand help from the person she always hated to be; her mom.

Within a family session that resembles the mom and the daughter, the mom spoke some golden words that make Lily realize that she didn't interpret her mom correctly when she was young.

“Just because someone hurts you doesn't mean you can simply stop loving them. It's not a person's actions that hurt the most. It's the love. If there was no love attached to the action, the pain would be a little easier to bear.”.

Lily understood that getting attached to someone could be stronger than love sometimes. She got to understand that she was sharing her mom's emotions when her dad was alive. She's drowning in the sea of confusion between good moments and bad ones. Between her desire to stay and to leave. Between her desire to save herself and to save Ryle.

#Why DId I Dismissed Lily At Some Point?

Okay, I'm going to talk about this because I hated that girl too. I felt like she was being too obedient when it comes to Ryle Kincaid. She literally did everything he asked her to do even if she didn't feel like it.

She wasn't the kind of girl who would have a strong personality in front of a man. She didn't even put limits when he showed her violent side.

That makes me really angry with her.

#Traits And Personality

I'm not talking here about defining whether she is an INTJ, ISTJ, ISFJ, etc. All I'm demanding is to define whether she is weak, strong, sensitive, badass, or she is a collection of everything.

Let's do this together and try to extract the secrets of her personality.

Lily was described by her mother as "Brave and kind". She endured domestic violence and hardship but she never decided to abandon her compassion and her goodness.

Not everyone can preserve his kindness after enduring such a complicated relationship with his father.

If your father who is supposed to love you the most considered nothing but a simple person, then why would the others love you?

If our dear Lily Bloom regards it this way too, she would never help Atlas, and thus she would never realize that there are still good people in this world.

#Creat a chacarter like Lily Bloom.

Lily Bloom's character analysis can help you to write a strong character to give the reader the impression that hes' reading someone's true story. You just need to follow some rules:

. manages to create a character who didn't allow the world to change who she is. To preserve her kindness to the world even when life is cruel to her. However, avoid making her weak, because our dear lily is a mixture of kindness and strength. The weak heroine isn't the mode nowadays..

. Give her a complex life. Give her hard circumstances and try to portray her as the warrior who will survive whatever she endures.

. Make her feel confused about her mother or even her sisters. For example, she wants to value her mom, but her mom is a selfish person who wants to sell her to a rich man to guarantee an adequate life. In such a story, you can touch on the subject of parents who gave birth to children but couldn't handle their responsibility.

. Make her hesitant. She would take decisions that would make the reader angry (like when Lily stayed with Ryle even though she knew that such persons never change). In other words, make her take reckless decisions..

. Build for her complex love life. She would think that she loves someone but in fact, she just feels bad for him or she pities him. She's mistaking her emotions for love. Or you can make her love a person that she hated at first.

. Be where you feel the most alive.

As the last word, bear in mind that you need to create a story that means something. You have to make the reader go out with lessons and wisdom. The story of lily treated an important problem which is Domestic violence. And so the reader would be conscious of the importance of family and they may want to create some clubs that attack such violent behaviors. Write a story that captivates the heart of the reader and makes him understand that life means so much.

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“I love it when the night sky makes me feel insignificant".”


Before deciding to imitate a character, you have to define all the dimensions of the characters, and thus you have to ask some pretty good questions.

. Motherhood isn't as easy as it seems. Sometimes, mothers are obliged to accept actions for the sake of their children.

. When someone falls in love, he better fall in love with the right person.

. “In the future... if by some miracle you ever find yourself in the position to fall in love again... fall in love with me.” He presses his lips against my forehead. “You’re still my favorite person, Lily. Always will be.”

. If a girl was forced to live under the same roof with an abuser husband. Then she better hurry to demand a divorce no matter how much she loves that person.

. Be where you feel the most alive.


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