Personal Growth

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Daily Practices To Apply For a Grateful Living

Happiness is the paradox of life. It looks different for everyone. Some can see it in the little things like having a secure network, a small home, and a humble car, while others see it in big achievements and too much money. Regardless of your... continue reading

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7 Reasons You Have No Motivation To Work And How To Overcome Them

We all get demotivated at some point in our lives. We feel like nothing can get us out of this big hole of fatigue and lack of energy. Whenever I start working on a new project, or a new book, I look for achievement and wait for all praises I would... continue reading

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How To Live Your Life To The Fullest And Get Rid Of Fears

Before you start reading this blog, I want you to bear in mind that I haven't written this blog just to post it and to get views, I wrote it because I want to help people to move with their life to the next level to do whatever they want and not fear... continue reading

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Overcome Negative Thoughts And Start Thinking Positively

Our thoughts, emotions, and bodies are linked, and thus the way we think affects our physical health which means that negative thoughts could be a huge destructive to our health. unfortunately, these wicked thoughts develop from the childhood... continue reading

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Quotes To Read If You Want To Feel Stronger.

ometimes, life can be challenging. It presents obstacles and difficulties that we need to attack with determination and patience. Nevertheless, we can do nothing about our bad feelings. We end up crying, shouting, or distracting ourselves.... continue reading

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How to Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Human beings live all their lifetime comparing themselves to one another. Life has no meaning if not for others. We may talk about comparison in the good sense; it's a way to develop ourselves and to work harder in order to be the best version... continue reading

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