Hello, world! My name is Loubna, Loubna elhajji. I had been addicted to books since I was only 14 yo, now I am 21 yo. During this period I’ve read a lot of books. So I thought that time to share my experience with others come. Thus I decided to start developing a blog since I am a big lover of web development. With my twin, we worked from the bottom of our hearts to make our blog loveable and useful for you.
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I'm Mouna El Hajji. I'm a computer science student, but I love everything that has a relation to literature. I've been reading since the age of thirteen, and it was a habit developed by my mom since I got affected by her admiration toward books. My love of writing started at the age of seventeen. Even though I did write nothing but some rubbish but I had discovered my huge passion for writing. This way, I found myself living two types of life; the scientific one, and the literal one. Surely, It is not easy to balance them, but I'm always trying.