books to read as a beginner #1

The Kite Runner : 371 pages

Khaled Hosseini

The first book on our list if books to read as a beginner is the famous tragic story of The Kite Runner .

During my reading, I hated and loved Amir. I hated him because he was so selfish and a coward, but I did love him after because he was trying, he was trying his best to heal the wounds he once caused to his best friend in the past. He proved to me that there is always another chance, maybe a thousand times over.

This story wasn't only about Afghanistan, it was also about friendship, sacrifice, true love. It was about others' opinions and how they took from us the life we want to live just because we were listening to them, otherwise, we would live free without any restrictions, we would love the people we want to love and show the side we want to show, not the one others want to see.

books to read as a beginner #2

To Kill A Mockingbird: 336 pages

Harper Lee

"I think there's just one kind of folks. Folks."

The story is about an eight-year-old girl named Scout, whose father is a lawyer who will in the story defend a black man, the reason why most people in the town began to heat him since he didn’t respect the white people by standing with a black man, who did an awful crime.

Scout, her brother Jim, and also their friend Rill started at some point to see and understand the adults’ world, the world full of opinions and judgments. They began to realize that people can love the bad even if it is not the right thing just because the others say that it’s the right thing.

This is absolutely the best book to read as a beginner if you aspire to get deep into the reading world

books to read as a beginner #3

Crime and punishement: 671 pages

Fyodor Dostoevsky

The five-story I gave to the story is the ultimate proof of how much I loved the novel and all the characters, the scenes were just perfect. Through the story, Dostoïevski tries to make us understand that it isn't justice that punished the accused, but he punishes himself through the guilt he feels. Even though our hero considered himself the greatest man in the world, But he slowly lost his confidence after the crime he commits.

This story will also show you how to accept your feeling and, respect others, and do not vent your anger on society.

I just realized that I will never stop talking because there is literally so much to be said about this story. So if you want to discover all the other great things don't hesitate to read it. Please read it. You'll get out of it a different person.

This is one of the most helpful books to read as a beginner.

books to read as a beginner #4

your second life begins when you realize you only have one-Raphaelle Giordano: 260 pages

Raphaëlle Giordano

The book made over 2 million readers happier and me included!!

Camille feels like happiness abandoned her a long time ago, she can't stop thinking that happiness banned her, punished her. She can't even stop wondering why sadness is the only thing she could feel?

One day and while driving home, her car get broken, and it was an opportunity to meet a man called Claude. The man and his wife welcomed her passionately and insisted on her to stay until the Mechanics comes.

While drinking a hot cup of coffee, Camille explained her case to Claude, and it happened that the man is a routinologist and he can make people happy!! He gave her his card to call him whenever she felt like wanting to take his therapy sessions. After some days of hesitation,Camille decided to call him, one call could change everything.

Claude is not there only for Camille , but for you too. He'll help you as if you were a client of him, and you'll accept his help as if he was a real person. Surely, you will love him.

This is the most recommended book for beginners.

books to read as a beginner #5

I am malala teen edition –malala yousafzai : 247 pages

Malala Yousafzai

I'm certain that you've already heard of the famous MALALA. She is most known as the girl who survived the shot in the head. If you want more information about her, you can always google her name. But if you want to live the journey with her, it's advisable to read the book written by her.

Whenever someone asks me for something easy to read, I always have Malala in my mouth. What I love the most about this book is that Malala also used to share the desire to learn English like me and you. So you can conclude that as a non-native, she won't write something hard to read. Also, the moral of the story is just something incredible since she's taking us on a journey to assist her life from the invasion of the Taliban to become one of the best influencers in the world. A girl filled with the passion to defend girls who are forced to stay home because school is only for boys.

It was a really great experience to read Malala's story and to share her good moments and bad ones.

For such a great inspirational story, Thank you Malala

Malala is an easy read and the most suitable book to read as a beginner.

books to read as a beginner #6

Don't Tell Me You're Afraid: 256 pages

Guiseppe Catozzela

One of the amazing books I’ve ever read. I recommend it here as to read it if you are a beginner because once I finished it I knew that it’s belong to the “books that make you love reading” section. Even if you are a reader who fear the so many pages in a book this one is totally for you. And what’s make it even more amazing is the reality of the events; yes. The book is a real sad story about a girl which name is Samia Yusuf Omar, a girl from Somalia who figured out from her childhood that she has the ability to run, run ..and only run. With the help of her friend Ali she tried to face the war and all the rules and the limits the government forces them to follow then, just to realize her dream; be a hero or in other words, be the first runner in the world.

So will Samia realize her dream despite all the obstacles and problems in her life and country? Will she really be a hero like she always wanted? A story not just to read but also to take lessons from…a lot of lessons.

It's a book to read as a beginner. But it's also a book that will break your heart into pieces.

books to read as a beginner #7

It Ends With Us: 385 pages

Colleen Hover

In four words, This book is amazing.

Trust me when I say that this book will make you fall in love with reading. It's short and can be absorbed in one section, but I have to warn you that it can cause you heartbreak because the story of Samia is real, and it's also tragic.

Samia Yusuf Omar is a brown Somalian girl from Somalia who discovered from her early childhood that she was born to be a runner. She loved running and shared her love with her best friend Ali. Together, they thought they would conquer the world, and achieve the dream of making their country known and appreciated. Samia was going to be the hero who would save the country from its misery. unfortunately, life doesn't work the way we want, and therefore it prepared for her some other plans.

This is a fabulous story with easy English, and also a lesson to acquire in life.

books to read as a beginner #8

The Midnight Library: 304 pages

Matt Haig

this was a great book about self-acceptance, self-loving, gratitude, hope, and LOVE. Even though it was a journey about Nora's different lives, but it could be anyone's life. through this journey, I've come to the realization that however, life may seem so bad and disappointed, it is still good to live since it is giving us a chance to look for the future and to be the best version of ourselves. The book shows you that death isn't the solution for life's toughest moments, that everything seems to be different when you're on the edge of dying.

Nora though me that it doesn't matter if we have done a thing differently, or taken other decision that could lead us to a more astounding life, that regrets doesn't matter. what really matters is the life we're living right now, and what are we going to do to make the best version of our other lives.

This is another inspiring book with an easy and great story to make fall in love with reading books. Seem like it deserves to belong to our list of the best books to read as a beginner

books to read as a beginner #9

Who Moved My Cheese?: 96 pages

Matt Haig

This is a very short book of 96 pages and can be done in about one to two hours. The concept of this book is very sweet and motivational. It talks about two mouses that represent people's categories; the ones with an iron heart and who are never afraid of change and continually open to new things. And the others who perceive change as some scary monster that will eat them once they touch him.

In addition to the transcendent idea the book is presenting, the language is easy, and the expressions are clear and so funny to read. I don't think there were some hard terms or difficult vocabulary.

It's highly recommended to read as a beginner and also guidance to dig a little bit into the world of motivational books.