Me Before You

Jojo Moyes

I have chosen this book to be here because a) the story of this book makes it one of my favorite ones, a story you will enjoy even if you don't favorise reading books as a way to improve your English level. b) there are some medical words you've never heard about before, c) the story is written in a simple way and d) the dialogues contains the most used speeches by people in their daily life. Are you thinking about reading this book?? If it is the case, let's discover the story together.

The story is about a girl called Louisa who had been working in a coffee a few days before her boss decided to close it since he was traveling abroad. Thus, Louisa decided to find another job. And was then when her path crosses Will Traynor's path, yet there was a difference between them both, she could

walk, but he couldn't since he became paralyzed after a motorcycle accident that stole from him the ability to move his legs as well as his arms. In other words, he was living only with the ability to move his head and his fingers a little. At first, Louisa didn't like the job. She hated it as well as her boss Will since he didn't treat her well. Besides, he was as arrogant as hell. Thus, she was about to leave the well-paid job if her sister didn't tell her about her need for money since she decided to go back to university to continue her study. However, a few weeks were enough for Louisa to start loving her work and also her boss Will, yet she wasn't the only one since Will also liked Louisa and confessed to her that his life had changed the time she entered it because when Louisa came she came with his desire of life in her hands. The desire he lost two years ago when he found out that life had escaped to leave him with only a mad wheelchair.

The Midnight Library

Matt Haig

Right now, go and get a copy of this book, because it is the chosen book you were looking for as someone who wants to improve his/her level in English, why this book? Because a) contains so many words you have never heard about before, b) it is a small book with a beautiful story that will keep you looking for the next chapter. In other words, you will love this book, even in case you are not a bookworm. So, let's talk a little about the story.

Wait, I have an idea. I will not write a book review. I will give you a thriller!!

" Parallel worlds? Thought Nora when the librarian Mrs. Elm explained to her how the library work, Nora understood from what Mrs. Elm had said that she could choose another life where she was making another decision.

For example, she could choose the life where she had decided to not give up on her dream about swimming, being a rock star, not break up with Dan... She could try all the possibilities, and if she found that there is a life accommodate for her, she could choose it to be her current life, these were the only library rules, no more, no less. So do you think that Nora could find her life? The missing life? "

The Kite Runner : 371 pages

Khaled Hosseini

During my reading, I hated and loved Amir. I hated him because he was so selfish and a coward, but I did love him after because he was trying, he was trying his best to heal the wounds he once caused to his best friend in the past. He proved to me that there is always another chance, maybe a thousand times over.

This story wasn't only about Afghanistan, it was also about friendship, sacrifice, true love. It was about others' opinions and how they took from us the life we want to live just because we were listening to them, otherwise, we would live free without any restrictions, we would love the people we want to love and show the side we want to show, not the one others want to see.

It Ends With Us: 385 pages

Colleen Hover

In four words, This book is amazing.

Trust me when I say that this book will make you fall in love with reading. It's short and can be absorbed in one section, but I have to warn you that it can cause you heartbreak because the story of Samia is real, and it's also tragic.

Samia Yusuf Omar is a brown Somalian girl from Somalia who discovered from her early childhood that she was born to be a runner. She loved running and shared her love with her best friend Ali. Together, they thought they would conquer the world, and achieve the dream of making their country known and appreciated. Samia was going to be the hero who would save the country from its misery. unfortunately, life doesn't work the way we want, and therefore it prepared for her some other plans.

This is a fabulous story with easy English, and also a lesson to acquire in life.

I am Malala

Malala Yousafzai

I decided to put this book here because a) the book is about Afghanistan and the Taliban, two words we don't use a lot in our life. Accordingly, you will be able to add new vocabulary to your list, b) the story is about the famous girl Malala, and it contains a lot of real information you probably never heard before. Thus, this book will help you to improve your English level in two ways a) reading the book and b) reading about the information in the book.

When the Taliban break into the Swat Valley in Pakistan, Malala was the only girl who had spoken out, since she couldn't support all the unfair decisions the Taliban were obliging them to follow. Moreover, she didn't stop going to school even when the Taliban forces all girls to stay at home and do nothing

more than serving their husbands and children. They were everywhere making sure that people do respect their rules and decisions, and if they found someone who's even by coincidence disagreeing with their rules, they'll kill him without mercy. Nevertheless, Malala didn't care about them and did what she wanted, she even went to the school when everybody was afraid to even put a look at it.

Before We Were Yours

Lisa Wingate

I have no words to say about this book. You should read it to understand why I am putting it here. Now, I will talk about the story full of hope that I will encourage you to read it as soon as possible.

In this story, you'll not live just in the present with "Avery" but also in the past with Rill, the girl who told us the story of her family that was once happy and delightful, but when her mother "queenie" was about to give birth to her new baby brother or sister...everything had changed. Rill's life becomes worst than hell, but the worst of it all is that she had to enter it with her baby sisters and brother. this sad story would've been hidden in Rill's memory till death if "Avery" didn't exist or in other words didn't give up till finding the truth. Moreover, during her incredible journey, Avery realized that she discovered her real self. She realized what she did want from life and who she really was.

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Letting go

David R. Hawkins

Wait, Wait, this is a hard book to read. To be honest, I read it in Arabic, my authentic language, because I couldn't read it in English since it contains a lot of deep ideas and philosophic concepts. So why I am put in it here?? Because I don't want you to give up on it as I did. Reading this book in English will boost your level in a way you could not imagine, but try to read a small number of pages per day so that you can get the book information and remember the few words you have learned instead of reading a lot of pages and remember nothing from the book.