Six Of Crows

Leigh Bardugo

To be clear, the filmed version of this book is a series and not a movie.

In the book, the crows are the six initial characters that will go for the mission led by Kaz Brekker, the teenager who gets everything he wants whenever he wants. However, his rule must have been broken when he became the wanted after Van Eck's proposition for him: bring me Bo Yul Bayur, the scientist who can make jurda parem, alive, and you'll have thirty million Kurge immediately. However, and because he knew that he can't kidnap the scientist from the world’s most impenetrable prison only by himself, he decided to engage with him his crew, allowing a big adventure to begin!!

The filmed version was a very good one, full of action, enthusiasm, adventure, etc. But, I couldn't bear that the series didn't involve so much of

the book details and events. Besides, I didn't like the fact that Wylan was not in the series, because he was one of my favorites characters.

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Me Before You

Jojo Moyes/p>

Let's first talk about the story, and then I will give my opinion.

The story is about a girl called Louisa who had been working in a coffee a few days before her boss decided to close it since he was traveling abroad. Thus, Louisa decided to find another job. And was then when her path crosses Will Traynor's path, yet there was a difference between them both, she could walk, but he couldn't since he became paralyzed after a motorcycle accident that stole from him the ability to move his legs as well as his arms. In other words, he was living only with the ability to move his head and his fingers a little. At first, Louisa didn't like the job. She hated it as well as her boss Will since he didn't treat her well. Besides, he was as arrogant as hell. Thus, she was about to leave the well-paid job if her sister didn't tell her about her need for money since she decided to go back to university to continue her study. However, a few weeks were enough for Louisa to start loving her work

and also her boss Will, yet she wasn't the only one since Will also liked Louisa and confessed to her that his life had changed the time she entered it because when Louisa came she came with his desire of life in her hands. The desire he lost two years ago when he found out that life had escaped to leave him with only a mad wheelchair.

I loved the movie, even the vibes were close to what I had imagined while reading the book, but if someone came to me and ask me which one to choose? I'll go for the book because some details weren't involved in the movie. Besides, I felt that the book was more emotional.

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Pride And Prejudice

Jane Austen

When Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy moved into town, Mrs. Bennet started to make her very well-studied plans. She decided from the first time she saw them that she'd do whatever it takes to get one of them or both to put a ring on one of her daughters' middle finger.

However, she didn't put in her plans that her daughter Elizabeth would refuse a rich, and handsome man who wanted to marry her, but he received nothing more than a big NO from her.

Elizabeth loved one person, Darcy, but somehow his pride had made a big gap between them both that even though Darcy fall in love with her, he couldn't act as if he really was. He was pushing her away from him every time they met. However, even though she was so in love with Darcy, Elizabeth couldn't bear the thought that she had to give up her pride for someone who didn't

even treat her well, and who was trying to underestimate her every time he could.

If you are waiting for me to choose between the book and the movie, I beg you to not, just in this case, because I loved both of them, I felt butterflies in both of them, I loved the feelings, the vibes, everything was just like I expected while reading the book. Thus, I recommend that you read the book and watch the movie.

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Paper Towns

John Green

The story is about a boy named Quentin and a girl named Margo. Quentin has been in love with his next-door neighbor Margo since they were children. However, he couldn't confess his love to her because he was a coward, whereas she was a badass surrounded by people of her kind.

Q had no idea about how he would find the right opportunity to talk to her. But he didn't expect that an opportunity would come until his window one day when Margo Roth Spiegelman will climb his window and invite him for a night of revenge against a cheating boyfriend and two former best friends. It had been for sure the craziest night Q had ever spent in his entire life. Moreover, he was certain that it was the best night he had ever spent with the girl he had loved since his childhood, Q discovered so many things about Margo, things he didn't know when he was staring at her from afar. He

suddenly becomes full of hope about the future, about their relationship, about what will happen between them next days. To his surprise, Q didn't find Margo in her house when he woke up the next day because she escaped home to somewhere no one knows about, even her parents. But, Q didn't give up, so he decided to look after her, especially when he realized that she left him clues to find her. Thus, he gathered his friends, and they started to discuss the plan that will enable them to find her as soon as possible.

I liked the movie with the same amount as I liked the book. In other words, if it is up to me, I will give the movie also three stars, the same as I did with the book.

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