It ends With Us

Colleen Hoover

While reading this book, I felt as watching a movie that at some point, all the scenes were nearly real and didn't exist only inside my imagination. If I could, I would for sure make this story into a movie.

Lily was a big girl, not big enough to understand the world around her, but she thought she could, considering that Lily had lived a hard childhood where she had been forced to see how hard her father was abusing her mother. As a consequence, Lily grew with a heart full of rage toward his father, that she couldn't even pretend sadness when he died. Moreover, she didn't just refuse to say three words about him as her mom wanted but also didn't cry on the day of his funeral as if he were something she was waiting to get rid of it as soon as possible. But, the end of that day wasn't as awful as the beginning because that night Lily met Ryle. The man who appeared as if to show her that the loss of a bad person, must be rewarded by the win of a

good one. After that night, Lily thought that she'd never see Ryle again, but she was wrong because they will meet again at a time where both of them realized that they badly needed each other. However, despite having a handsome, sensitive doctor by her side, Lily couldn't forget Atlas, her first love, for that reason, she was from time to time reading her notes about him without knowing that they'll be the reason why her life won't be as delightful as it was, especially when she will meet Atlas again.

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A thousand Splendid Suns

Khaled Hosseini

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH 🥺 , I have nothing to say. I should not give you arguments why this book should make it into a movie, you have to read it to know why. So, let's talk about the story.

The story starts with Mariam, a nine-year-old girl who used to live with her mother on the outskirt of Herat, her life with her mother wasn’t good enough since she was always abused and hit by her. And that was the reason why she was living just for the once-a-week visit from her father because Mariam couldn’t see him the whole week considering that she was an illegitimate child.

One day and because her father didn’t come to visit for a long time, she decided to go to his house full of hope that she could see him and the family he once promised her that she will meet them as soon as possible. However,

when the house servant told her that her dad wasn't home she believed her and was able to wait for him until he's home again, but she couldn't believe the face she saw in the window when the servant closed the door without giving her permission to enter; it was his face, his father's face.

After that day, she knew that she won't be the same girl again, she knew that she won't forgive him no matter what matter.

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Kafka On The Shore

Haruki Murakami

The novel is about two persons that will share so many adventures with other people in the story. The lead character is a fifteen-year-old boy called Kafka who decided to escape from his father's house after he had cursed him, a curse that will follow Kafka in the morning as well as the night. His father told him that he will sleep with his mother, who had left him when he was a little kid that he barely could remember her face, and with her sister, whose image was even blurrier in his mind. In his journey, Kafka was always thinking about the curse, he even thought that every woman he met was probably his mother, and every girl was for sure his sister. In other words, even though he had escaped his father's house, the curse didn't leave him alone.

The other person is a man named Nakata, a magical man who could talk to every kind of cat.

Somehow, the lives of those two persons were related to each other, but as a reader, I didn't get at first what kind of relationship could associate these two characters since each of them was in a totally different situation from the other, I had to wait till the end to get an answer for my question.

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Before We Were Yours

Lisa Wingate

I have no words to say about this book. You should read it to understand why I am putting it here. Now, I will talk about the story full of hope that I will encourage you to read it as soon as possible.

In this story, you'll not live just in the present with "Avery" but also in the past with Rill, the girl who told us the story of her family that was once happy and delightful, but when her mother "queenie" was about to give birth to her new baby brother or sister...everything had changed. Rill's life becomes worst than hell, but the worst of it all is that she had to enter it with her baby sisters and brother. this sad story would've been hidden in Rill's memory till death if "Avery" didn't exist or in other words didn't give up till finding the truth. Moreover, during her incredible journey, Avery realized that she discovered her real self. She realized what she did want from life and who she really was.

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Eleanor Oliphant Is Completly Fine

Gail Honeyman

I heard some rumors about this book being finally a movie, if it is true, it will be the best thing Bollywood had ever done.

Eleanor is a girl who has a job, hobbies, a MUM. But, she never got friends, not because she couldn't. Instead, because she didn't want to. However, her life began to change when she met Raymond, the type of boy she assumed from the first time that she would never make relation with since he has nothing in common with Johnnie; a musician she fall in love with from the first time. A good-looking man with a beautiful voice and a charming personality. In other words, the type of man she was dreaming about all her life.

In order to start a relation with Johnnie, Eleanor did all she could without giving attention to Raymond, the person who helped her to realize who she

is, who helped her to become a new version of herself, a version who doesn't get attached to the past, or in other words, doesn't get attached to what happened in the past. Thanks to Raymond; the boy she once underestimated, Eleanor could free herself from the scars the past caused her.

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