The best way to predict your future is to create it.

- Abraham Lincoln

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In this section, you'll find blogs that will help you to discover the right book to read and enter the world of reading. Not to mention that we will help you to get over the boredom of the first page while reading.

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If you love writing but are still lost in that wide weird world. You are absolutely at the right place. Here, you're going to discover some writing advice, how to start writing while you are still a beginner, and you have no idea how writers obtain a whole book just by linking words together. Take your time and chose one of the articles

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It's time to shine. Discover here a bunch of our articles abour self-developpement

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If you are here, that's means that you are a newcomer to the world of reading. You surely heard many things about reading, some encourage you to pick a novel or a book and read it. Some didn't. But I'm sure you want to read whatever you have discovered. In this section, you'll found blogs that will help you to found the right book to read. Enjoy!

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I'm Mouna El Hajji. I'm a computer science student, but I love everything that has a relation to literature. My love of writing started at the age of seventeen. Even though I did write nothing but some rubbish but I had discovered my huge passion for writing. This way, I found myself living two types of life; the scientific one, and the literal one. Surely, It is not easy to balance them, but I'm always trying.

Hello, world! My name is Loubna, Loubna elhajji. My love for writing started thanks to my twin sister, her love for writing books, quotes... pushed me to start writing as well. Thus, I loved writing, ans as a consequence I WROTE MY FIRST BOOK, till now I'm still proud of it.

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