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You only get one life. It's actually your duty to live it as fully as possible.

  louba wrote a review

by loubna elhajji |   september 13 2021 |

To be honest, such a book deserves more than five or even 100 stars since it contained one of the most beautiful stories ever.

The story is about a girl called Louisa who had been working in a coffee a few days before her boss decided to close it since he was traveling abroad. Thus, Louisa decided to find another job. And was then when her path crosses Will Traynor's path, yet there was a difference between them both, she could walk, but he couldn't since he became paralyzed after a motorcycle accident that stole from him the ability to move his legs as well as his arms. In other words, he was living only with the ability to move his head and his fingers a little. At first, Louisa didn't like the job. She hated it as well as her boss Will since he didn't treat her well. Besides, he was as arrogant as hell. Thus, she was about to leave the well-paid job if her sister didn't tell her about her need for money since she decided to go back to university to continue her study. However, a few weeks were enough for Louisa to start loving her work and also her boss Will, yet she wasn't the only one since Will also liked Louisa and confessed to her that his life had changed the time she entered it because when Louisa came she came with his desire of life in her hands. The desire he lost two years ago when he found out that life had escaped to leave him with only a mad wheelchair.

This story was just a masterpiece. I found myself without consciousness weeping tears with Will and Louisa, I laughed with them, enjoyed their trips, their jokes. I've just fallen in love with them, with their story, with their dialogs, with Will's motivation to Louisa, with Louisa's fear of doing something new with her life, with Will's determination that she should do.

This story showed me that we don't appreciate enough the life we have, that we have good things in our life, but we choose to always focus on the empty side of the cup. So be grateful. You have things many people wished for. Even the ability to read this review in a peaceful place with music on your ears is something you should be grateful for.

favorite quotes

" Push yourself. Don't Settle. Just live well. Just LIVE "

"Push yourself. Don’t settle. Wear those stripy legs with pride. And if you insist on settling down with some ridiculous bloke, make sure some of this is squirreled away somewhere. Knowing you still have possibilities is a luxury. Knowing I might have given them to you has alleviated something for me."

  Mouna wrote a review

by mouna elhajji |   september 13 2021 |

A devastating story ABOUT AN impossible love.

Honestly, I wasn't so much into romance books. I always claimed that it's not my type of reading, or I just don't feel comfortable reading them. AFTER THIS BOOK, I changed my mind, I changed my mind. AND I can tell it thousands of times. THIS WAS AWESOME. THIS WAS AN AWESOME EXPERIENCE

Louisa Clark is a lost girl passing through some bad days after losing her job and should seek a new one to help her family. But the problem is that she couldn't feel positive at all about finding a job due to her limited education. Even her demanding boyfriend is not making it easy for her. One day, Louisa found a proposal for a woman to look after a disabled man. WHEN she went for the interview, the woman told her that no girl made it for the service of WILL for even a week. BUT Louisa will make the impossible possible.

Will was the complete opposite of what Louisa had ever imagined. He was handsome, good-looking, attractive, and he had everything a woman may want from A MAN, except the fact that he had no control over his legs and hands. Will rejected EVERY woman coming to look after him assuming that he didn't need any care. But From the moment they met, their thoughts changed completely.

Louisa was a pessimistic girl wanting from life nothing but a modest amount of money. Even though she is only twenty-six years old, she adopted the ideas of an old grandmother. Thus, Will wanted to show her the value of the life she's wasting in monotony and worries. Since she has a good amount of money, he encouraged her to spare herself from everything that can annoy her even her possessive cynic boyfriend. He told her that life is precious, and one should be grateful for the little things. HE TOLD HER THAT HE HAD ALL THE REQUIREMENTS THAT CAN MAKE A PERSON HAPPY, BUT HE CAN'T MOVE. SO HE LOST IT ALL.

Louisa used to have no purpose in life but to live. Will wanted nothing from life but peace. Yet after meeting each other, they wanted everything. THEY aspired to love, to adore, to dance, to laugh, to live happily. To stay together, they showed us that LOVE CAN CHANGE THE LIFE OF THE MOST DESPERATE PEOPLE IN THE WORLD.

I cried a lot with this novel. I loved how Louisa admired Will so much, and how she tried to make him see the good side of his Obstruction, how she tried to scroll the internet looking for some club that can provide him with some help. In other words I loved how she tried desperately to give him new hope in life. Not only because he makes her rich, but also because he was the only one who made her happy, who give a meaning to her empty life.

I loved the good spirit of Louisa, her enjoyment, her cheer over little things, her determination to stand up after every fall. Their love story taught me that love isn't just about the look, the body, or the money. Love is about what one hides behind his chest. Love is about kindness, enjoyment, respect. And for the most important, accepting others as they are without wanting to change anything about them .

favorite quotes

" I will never, ever regret the things I've done. Because most days, all you have are places in your memory that you can go to."

"All I can say is that you make me... you make me into someone I couldn't even imagine. You make me happy, even when you're awful. I would rather be with you - even the you that you seem to think is diminished - than with anyone else in the world"

Highly Recommended

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