Best Mystery story ideas of 2022

Day after day, mystery stories are getting so much attention and passion. It is not a hidden secret that once a reader picks a mystery-thriller book, he can never put it down until the book is over. Here is one of the amusing facts, once you read a mystery book, you're going to want to write one. And such a feeling is not caused just because you adored the story, but also because you're attracted by the writer's ability to convert a mystery story idea into something vivid.

In some cases, you may have a great idea in mind, but it may seem a little bit blurry. Then, if you're searching for some help to write the best mystery story idea, you're right at the correct place.

Don't get disappointed in yourself if you don't have a proper idea in your head. Try always to remember that you are a newcomer to the world of writing "mystery", and you are just discovering things.

First, let's get a glance at what does mystery fiction:

the mystery is a fiction genre where the nature of an event, usually a murder or other crime, remains mysterious until the end of the story. Often within a closed circle of suspects, each suspect is usually provided with a credible motive and a reasonable opportunity for committing the crime

source: Wikipedia.

In this blog, we're going to be giving you some mystery story ideas that will help you to develop the story you've been always looking for.

I hope you will find the right mystery story idea that was born for you.

mystery story ideas

Detailed mystery story ideas

1. the most famous mystery story ideas in the history of mystery fiction. KIDNAPPING!! you can write about :

the kidnapping of an heir of a wealthy family.

The kidnapping of a little girl with some special gifts, maybe the last of her kind.

The kidnapping of a group of students.

The kidnapping of a wife/mom/dad/daughter.

there are plenty of ideas that you can extract out of the word Kidnapping

2. Murder mystery story ideas : A man wakes up one morning to find all his family killed, he's also drowning in blood. But, the killer seems like he doesn't bother killing him. Instead, he lets a note where something is written. Now, The hero is perplexed by the desire to take his revenge. And the urge to run away and save his precious life. What would he do? why the killer keep him alive? what is his relationship with the killer? The answers are certainly yours.

3. On one rainy day, while the teacher is giving his lesson at the University of .... Doom visit the class once a weird scent reaches the noses of students. A minute later, they began fainting one after another.

The heroine is one of the nerdy students. She doesn't have so many friends, and she never stops thinking that she's just an unlucky person. And because of this sad fact, nobody dares to love her.

Luckily, her theory proved wrong since she became one of the survivors of the gas that killed more than half the students. The survivors are not meant only to be protected, But they are also accused of unleashing the deadly gas. Would the killer be one of the students who survived? Did he aim to kill the teacher or one of the students?

Would the heroine maintain the low esteem of herself or will she change her mind?

This one looks like a great mystery story idea full of suspense and drama. Exactly the one that would keep a reader stuck to it until the end.

4. What a pretty feeling love is, especially when it comes to true love.

Our dear hero is so in love with a woman. But his bad luck makes him fall for a married woman. However, fate smiled at him again when his lover told him that she would get her divorce, and stays with him for eternity.

She lured him to the apartment. She had sex with him. But once he wake up, everything changed. He found himself sustained with blood, a pistol in his hand, his lover collapsed at the ground gazing at him with dangerous eyes. At that moment, the police invade the chamber and the woman point at the hero for being the killer.

How will he defend himself? How he's going to make it out of the prison to prove his innocence? Why his lover accused him of such a crime?

A beautiful love story doused in a world of mystery and blood.

5. A working woman, living a very dull ordinary life waking up every morning, spending all the day at work, and then go back to her house where she lives alone.

One day, things seem to get more excited. when she was driving her way to work, she noticed some black cars following hers. She tried to changes roads, but they still following her. She dared and stopped the car to face her stalkers. Certainly, she regretted the act since she was barely dead because of a bullet that injured her arm. She hurries again to the car stained with blood. Then she runs the faster she can from her unknown chaser. Would her injured arm make her able to escape or she would be the victim of a bad accident? Who are those unknown chasers? Would she be able to get rid of them or they would catch her as near as possible?

6. A mystery writer has just signed the contract to publish his latest book about a group of thugs that invades a village and murdered its folks. The writer is back t his house with a wide smile on his face, he can't believe that he's about to realize his dream and get his first work published. Once he's in the front door of his house, he feels some murmurs behind him. When he turned, he is amazed by what he saw. The same group of thugs he wrote in his story, and they are here for him.

7. Aseries of crimes happened in prostitutes' houses. But the owner persists in not telling anyone anything and hides the death of her girls. She continues stealing girls to work with her, until the detective stealth into the house and began investigating secretly finding just the right time to get the owner arrested for hiding all the gruesome crime

8. Detective Adeline Samara is reputed for her smartness and strength. She became a legend in the investigation world. When Adeline picks a case, victims became relieved because they know she will arrest the criminal in less than two days. Things suddenly changed when detective Adeline is accused of killing her young boss in the work after an angry dispute that happened between them in the morning. Things are even worst when she realized that the argument had been recorded.

All clues are against Adeline now, she enters prison. But quickly finds her way to freedom when someone helped her to escape. This someone is her young dead boss. Why did the boss falsify his death? Why did someone want to implicate Detective Adeline? Why the dead boss resued his killer? Will the police arrest the escaper?

9. A series of crimes happened in prostitutes' houses. But the owner persists in not unveiling anything and hides the death of her girls. She continues stealing girls to work with her, until a woman detective stealth into the house and began investigating secretly finding just the right time to get the owner arrested for hiding all the gruesome crime.

Short mystery story ideas

- A man is accused of a crime, but understand that he is not the one who committed the crime, but a man who looked exactly like him. He has to arrest his parallel.

- A bride wakes one day accused of the crime of killing her husband. But she can't remember anything.

- A group of travelers goes to the mountains wanting to enjoy their time until things became too mysterious when the sky grew black and they began killing one another.

- A rich young girl that studies in university lives lonely in a big house. One day, she wakes up to find the boy she had a crush on in her house.. But dead.

-A rich young girl that studies in university lives lonely in a big house. One day, she wakes up to find the boy she had a crush on in her house.. But dead.

- The hero is a known killer. A girl asks him for help to revenge her brother's death. She couldn't go to the police since she is followed because of an ancient murder. Two killers hunting another killer.

- The hero is a detective, and it happened that he is the criminal in the case he's working on.

- A decent policeman who turned to be a dangerous thug killing girls all over the town because of a mental illness

- Psycho suffering from past trauma tried to kill himself in a crowded street. Folks tried to prevent him, but suddenly he carries a malicious smile on his face and began killing everyone around.

- A photo of a young beautiful girl annoys the dreams of a young handsome man for several days. One day, he goes to work to find that the girl in the photo began working with him. You can turn it into some kind of romantic- mystery novel.

Finally, we touched on the edge of our blog. I'm full of hopes that one of these mystery story ideas had helped you with your writer blocks.

Now that your pretty mind is full of exciting mystery ideas, it's time to prepare a delicious cup of coffee and start developing these beautiful mystery story ideas into some great novels to read. Let it be a night full of some friendly words.

Here is a flower 🌼 for your hard work today. Keep moving no matter how hard your dream is.

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