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In this section, you'll find blogs that will help you to discover the right book to read and enter the world of reading. Not to mention that we will help you to get over the boredom of the first page while reading.


how to read effeciently

Reading may seem like the easiest activity a person can have as a habit. But once you start reading, you realize that it's not what you have been thinking it is. And then you began wondering about the difficulties of reading. In other words, what's the secret behind the challenge those... continue reading

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My favourite seven authors of all times!!

Through my long journey in reading, I had the chance to meet plenty of authors. And then I divided them into categories: Authors I loved. Authors I Authors in the middle. In this blog, I'm just talking about the closest authors to my heart... continue reading

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Why You Should Read Novels

When I open social media, I observe that there is so much offense against novels. Even readers of documentary books swear that they will never read fiction because it is Every reader had once faced a critical person who wondered cynically why people are reading novels.... continue reading

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Learn Eglish by reading books post

How to improve your English by reading books

Day after day, I realized that most of those who want to learn English prefer watching movies or listen to English speakers. Actually,hearing English people while talking to each other had been one of my favorite methods too since... continue reading

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