The Best Romance Story ideas of 2022

Romance novels are almost the reader's favorite type. We can prove that by the increased number of readers day after day. That can be due to the intense emotions a romance novel can contain and the beautiful vibes that it generates.

Not only do readers love to read romance novels, but writers also love writing romance novels.

These novels are enjoyable, delightful, and amusing. And because I admire writing romance stories, I would like to supply you with some ideas that can help you with your romance novel as well as some writing romance prompts.

And please, don't listen to people who claim that romance novels are worthless, inefficient, or a waste of time. In contrast, romance novels are an incarnation of true love. They hold great lessons on how to choose the right partner and how to avoid toxic realtionships.

These novels make you also learn how to move on when someone doesn't deserve the love you give him. It can even soften your heart, and make you believe in love again in case you no longer believe in it anymore.

If you're here because you need some help to manage a romance novel, or you're looking for a romance idea to write about. Then, you're absolutely in the right place.

You'll find some great romance story ideas that you can develop into a remarkable novel. Not to mention that you can improve your romance story prompts as well

And if you aspire to write a romance story, and you've been through some romance story prompts but you still have no idea how to compose romance story ideas. Then you should take a glance at this post where you're going to find some pretty good romance ideas.

romac story ideas

Rom-com novels:

1. While driving to work, a decent professor helped a beggar woman in the street. The next day, he discovered that she is a young businesswoman recommended by his mom to marry. A funny story about the obsession of a rich woman with begging. And how the two protagonists fall in love slowly even though their conflicting thoughts.

2. A poor man was about to apply for a job inside an entrainment company. Suddenly, he found himself prisoned for a fake relationship imposed by a famous actress using him to avoid her fellow actors. A weird love story spinning around the world of Hollywood and its secrets.

3. A citizen deceives a woman coming from another country to steal her money, but slowly he started falling in love with her. He seems confused between the desire to rob her and to love her.

4. A hacker woman tried to hack randomly a Facebook account. Then realized that the account she hacked belongs to another hacker. In a world of 0 and 1, the two hackers communicate behind the computer screen affording nothing but some little hints about each other. How would they get to meet? Have they met before without knowing it?

5. A modern journalist moves to a town outside the city because of a mission. She considered refusing since she hates the life of the mountains and all the animals and the farm stuff, even the air doesn't fit her skin. She changed her mind immediately when a huge amount of money seduced her. She slowly regretted every thought of objection when she met her love life, and he happened to be nothing but a handsome young cowman. Every girl in the town is falling in love with him, and our dear journalist is about to do the last thing she could ever think of, entering into a competition with village girls to win his heart.

6. High school romance story ideas/ teenage romance story : Even though high school romance novels are kinda cliche but you can use some creativity to write some fresh ideas within the walls of high school. For example, you can write about a girl who suffers from Bipolar issues. Doctors lost hope that she will recover. Her family tried to banish her to a psychiatric hospital because of her weird behaviors. Nevertheless, things changed when she realized that her remedy is a boy who study with her and she needs to know him before it was too late.

Drama-romance novels

1. Two adolescents are in love with each other in a center of abandoned children. Fate separates them at the age of eighteen, but their path crosses after fifteen years, each one with a family.

2. A disaster took the lives of most of the inhabitance of a building. A group of four survivors decides to assemble their forces to find the mastermind of the fire. Through a grieving journey full of surprises, they build a love story full of obstacles, secrets, shocks, and misery.

3. A doctor is suffering from brain cancer. He's trying to avoid any sort of relationship and love. One day, he decided to apply for a euthanasia organization to die peacefully until everything changed when he realized that the woman who's about to kill him is no one but his first love.

4. A man witnesses the death of his lover in front of his eyes. After three years, he saw her again with a ring and a two-year-old daughter. Despite the shock growing inside of him, he decided to dig deep into the past and reveal the hidden secret.

5. This story is about two students in a university. They loved each other from first sight. They talked a little bit. But They always seem to refuse to confess their emotions because of their stubbornness and their over-dignity. They finish their university years, and they follow separated roads without having the chance to confess their emotions. Years pass, and every one of them seems to have his own life. They have also new partners. One day, the partner of the girl told her to go with him to the Engagement party of his friend, and then they met again after ten years. Would they still have emotions for each other?

Honestly, I'm not a real fan of haters to lovers novels, but you can try this one if you like it.

6. You can write about haters who turned out to be lovers in a creative way. Like maybe a girl had always prevented her sister from marrying an asshole, but once her sister dies in a sad accident, she found herself obliged to marry that man because of her family tradition, and then a love story occurs. And the heroine got to know more about her sister's death.

7. A detective is giving the mission to arrest the most dangerous killer in the city. Nobody knows about him anything, not even if it is a man or a woman. The detective's life changed entirely when he discovers that she is a woman. And she is his beloved wife who loves him, adores him, and carries for him and their children. The killer is his beloved wife.

8. Romance ideas for married couples : Romance story ideas aren't only for single persons, there are plenty of romance ideas for married couples. You can write about a couple who married after a long love story, but then things began to change when the wife discovered that her husband is the killer of her father. Would she forgive him because she loves him or she would prefer to get her revenge? .

I hope those ideas are helping you. Now, it is your mission to develop it into some fresh dramatic comedy romance stories. I don't know why I assume that you can extract a whole new idea just by combining all those ideas altogether. Writing romance isn't as hard as it seems.

Now, I know that you have no reason to cancel your writing session. All that you needed was an idea, and here it is. So open your word file, put your notebook beside you, and start writing. What are you waiting for?

There are so many romance ideas that you can write about. You can even extract a romance idea from your own life. Maybe you're in love with someone and you'd like to write your own romance story. Go ahead and do it. Romance ideas are everywhere.

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