Short stories are the most recommended style of writing when it comes to beginners. This kind of writing may seem difficult and deceptive, but there is so much fun in writing short stories.

It’s good to note, however, that there are three types of a short story. Which are novella (20,000 and 49,999 words), Novelette(7,500 to 19,999). Lastly, a short story words goes between 1,000 to 7,499.

Short stories are packed with many benefits whether it comes to the slightest effort spent or the short time it takes to write. You can literally finish a short story in ONE DAY.

Additionally, short fiction is a great way to discover the writing world and get deep into its secrets. It will allow you to make a good friendship with words, test ideas, improve your writing skills, understand the severity of writing blocks, animate characters, and practice creativity. AND SO MUCH MORE.

However, they can also be clever.

When writing a novel, you can express yourself freely with plenty of words and many creative scenes. However, you can't have access to all these privileges when it comes to short stories.

Don't get confused if writing a short story seems like an impossible mission. It just takes some little practice. And it is better to exercise on a short story than to start with a long novel that would consume your efforts as well as your time.

It is also a safe move to revise your relationship with writing and whether it is the right thing for you to do or not.

Be easy on yourself. Don't try to create a perfect short story idea. Feel free while using words and scenes. Remember that you're writing the story for yourself, not for someone else. So be yourself and show all your imperfections in writing.

Let's get into some short story prompts and figure out how you can write a short story.

write a short story step by step


My personal experience with short stories

Honestly, my first short story wasn't a total success. It was challenging for me to create that small world with its tiny components, especially since I'm the kind of writer who loves getting deep into details and descriptions.

It was a therapeutic story about a girl who lost sight because of an accident. She suffered a tough state of depression when thinking about the possibility of vision if she didn't get out of the house on that ominous day.

As days pass, she starts to feel life running through her veins with the help of her mother who wasn't a doctor nor a psychiatrist but a poor woman who did her best to help her daughter to heal as fast as possible.

Even though it was difficult for me to restrict the number of scenes and characters. But I fell in love with the idea of that short story and the lesson it offers. I wanted to show the power of mothers and how they could create the impossible to rescue their children. I also wanted to deliver the power of fate and acceptance, that we cannot change what happened in our lives whatever we try. We just need to coexist with all the dilemmas in our lives.

Writing a short story is like a competition where you have a limited amount of words. And you must stay committed to it. Thus, the obstacle with short stories is the technique to keep the reader stuck to the story even though the few events and the countable characters.

You can see that the idea behind short stories isn't to create suspense and to move from one scene to another. But it's mainly psychological.

#Search for an idea

One of the common mistakes writers commit is writing with no clear idea. They sit ahead of the computer and start telling the story of a lonely girl or a bad boy falling in love with a modest girl. But No clear Idea what Comes Next.

The first step is to determine whether you want to write a short story for kids or for adults. Then, try to choose the idea that suits you the most, the one that will provide the most fun during writing. I'm sure you don't want to quite your short story in the middle of the road.

The idea of the story is the core. It's a factor of success. Try to choose an idea that will keep you motivated, with few characters, resumed events, and carries a great message behind its words. Write about an issue you are passionate about or behaves that irritates you about your society. SEE, WRITING IS A GOOD WAY TO VENT ANGER TOO.

If you're an obsessed feminist with women's rights, you can write about a battered woman who replaced weakness and fragility with passion and confidence. She became an independent woman who defends her rights, as well as other women's rights.

If you think about it, you can include three characters maximum in this story. The protagonist woman, her husband, and her mother. If you work it smartly, you can easily figure out a way to get out with the best short story ever written.

If you're addicted to romance stories, and you want to create your own love story, there are plenty of ideas to write. Believe me, you need nothing but two protagonists: the hero and the heroine. You can write about a sad love story spinning about war. It will focus on the protagonists, one idea, and three scenes maximum.

When When I was writing my second short, I found myself so drawn to the idea. Thus, I create new characters and innovative new scenes. This way, the short story was slowly becoming a novel.

I loved the idea so much that I had no problem converting it into a novel. But once I reached my first writer's block, I quit the novel after twenty days of writing.

What I want to say is simple. Don't be tempted by the idea and convert it into a novel. Stick to the short story.

In case you still struggle with an idea for short stories. You only need to type in Google short story ideas, and then drown in the big shore of resources.

Again, if you're too lazy to search, Click on the links below, and select some ideas. I hope it will help.

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#Set characters

While reading a novel, you're amazed by the number of personages particularly when we speak about a series of books. I'm sorry dude, conditions are different in short stories. This kind of writing is known for its few characters.

We say short, so the story must be brief and small. Therefore, it seems logical for the short story to spine around a couple of characters interacting with each other.

I've read so many short stories where there were only two or three protagonists.

When you want to design and write the characters, bear in mind two main things: they have to be clear and animated. And you have to create out of them something realistic.

I can read from the look in your eyes that the idea isn't clear yet, then allow me to explain.

When you write, you're aware that the characters are fictional. They surely don't exist in real life. But readers must not visualize it the same way you do. You ought to make the reader believe that your characters had stepped out of real life with souls and hearts. They have to ache for problems and cheer for success.

I must admit it's a complicated paradox.

Besides, when you write a short story, you don't have time to describe characters and to develop them slowly. You won't be able to give them big issues, great dreams, important personalities, or massive details.

For example, you can't describe the shape of the body, the color of the hair, or the state of the clothes. You have no time to explain the features of a beautiful girl or a handsome boy.

So what you need to do is to minimize the number of words. Instead of writing a long detailed paragraph, shorten it to one or two words.

For example, You want to describe a charming girl. Instead of writing

"With her full lips, wide eyes, curved body and round face that makes everyone fall from at first sight of her. She was like the sun on a dark day full of black clouds"

You can rather write:

"She was beautiful/charming/attractive"

Choose whatever word you want. Just keep it a baby.


Who could even imagine that you can remake such a long paragraph into a phrase of three words?

Trust me, once you manage characters, you have done half of the work.

Another important thing that you have to be precise about is lengthening. Don't try to write pointless things or movements that will not add anything to the story. Actions need to have direction and contribute to the development of the story. Everything has to be measured.

It's like making a cake.

Here is a summary of what you can do to set characters in a short story:

Name the character

Specify the traits of the characters.

Write a short phrase to describe each character so you won't find difficulty including it in the story.

Create links between characters; love, hate, friendship, etc.

Specify the goal for every character.

Specify the scenes for every character.

Specify the end of every character.

This way, you have a vision of how the story is going. All you have to do is write it down a paper.

#Plan the story

Now that you have set the characters, you have to move to the next step which is planning the movement of characters and figuring out a way to link scenes and relationships.

Of course, there is no specific way to do that. Every writer has a unique way to create scenes and animate them.

For example, when I write a fighting scene, I won't write it the same way someone else would. Maybe, I would specify the state of the anger of the two fighters while you can describe their thoughts.

Before you start writing, you had the idea in mind. And this idea had come with some images and scenes. Write the scenes you have in mind in your notebook and don't care where it has to be placed.

Then, try to imagine what would make the movement of your characters amusing and enjoyable to readers. For more insporation, You can look for creative scenes on Google, Pinterest and plenty of other sources.

Pinterest tip: When I feel stuck in a scene, I open Pinterest, and I type fantastic world aesthetic. Magically, I discover a solution to keep the story moving and crush my writer's block.

Surely, this keyword is specific to fantasy since I love writing fantasy novels. But since you're writing a short story that deals with society's problems. Then type something like love aesthetic if your story spin about love

Now, you have the scenes written in your notebook. I can give you an example for more clarification:

Scene 1: they rescue the little girl

Scene 2: a disagreement happens between protagonists.

Scene 3: they meet for the first time.

Scene 4: the male protagonist is weeping for the death of the little girl.

See, you have a list of scenes. All you have to do now is to reorder them. And go to the phase of writing.

Let's see together how you can write without any writing blocks. I hope you are still following.

#Write the story

Congratulation, you've done half of the work. All you need to do now is to train your hand to write faster!

Keep in mind that this is your first draft. Unfortunately, it's going to suck. Be ready to write wrong expressions, a low level of description, maybe even the incorrect order of scenes. But you have to keep writing.

Write whatever is coming up to your mind. Don't worry about grammar, spelling, expressions, etc. Write as if you are living your real-life and narrating it to your friends with the most imperfection tone.

Write as if you are a part of the story and you have no control over it. Write all those randome ideas that comes to your mind. Write like a fool. Write the story for yourself.


If you just keep struggling with every paragraph that it is not working, or maybe you are not describing an event the way you should. GET OVER IT. Otherwise, you're going to be stuck on a one-word page all day.

In addition, you'll feel blocked and frustrated, and every idea that follows the one you're stuck in is going to run away. SO JUST PUT DOWN WHAT IS IN YOUR MIND WITHOUT CARING ABOUT THE ETHICS.

#Edit the story

Now, you can inhale a deep breath. You've passed the toughest part. But don't underestimate the power of revising.

As a reader, the first thing that catches my attention is the style of the writer. I'm honest with you when I say that I can stop reading A novel just because I'm not approving Thw writing style however tempting the Idea.

SO try to make tasty sentences. Yeah, it may seem weird to use the word "tasty" but that is how I see it. When I read a phrase, I taste its attachment and the way it is written.

I'M doing the same thing when I'm writing these blogs. I try to mix the words using the right measures so I can end up with a tasty cake called "text"

I will use an example to show you how to use delicious words and improve your writing skills:

instead of writing

"I'm going to the supermarket so I can buy what I need for the dinner of today"


"I'm going to bring some needs for dinner from the supermarket "


I think you can understand now what I meant with the word "tasty"

while the first sentence seemed so heavy to say, the second was easy to carry in mouthy. SO, WE SAY TASTY.

#Lovely Tip

Before we end up this blog, I'd like to give you a simple tip that will help you to build a better short story:

Read short stories:

If you take a glance at How to write with zero exeriences, you'd realize that I insisted on reading books as an important step for every new writer. The same thing applies to short stories. If you want to write a good short story, then you have to read one.

When you read short stories, you will understand how authors get to construct scenes and links between characters. It's like a teacher that clears for you the path to writing the perfect short story.

You can even borrow scenes or descriptions that the author utilizes because you're not intending to publish this story. You're just taking it as training.

# Recommendation of short stories

The Lottery ~Shirley Jackson (1948) | Purchase on BookShop

The Yellow Wallpaper ~Charlotte Perkins Gilman (1892) | Purchase on BookShop

The Lady with the Toy Dog ~Anton Chekhov (1899) | Purchase on BookShop

The Metamorphosis ~Franz Kafka (1915) | Purchase on BookShop

#How long should a short story be?

A short story must contain between 1,000 and 10,000 words. Stories between 10000 and 40000 words are called Novellas. And they're great literature too.

“A short story is a love affair, a novel is a marriage.”

YAAAY, we completed our short story prompts for today. I hope that was beneficial for you. Now go write your best short story, and see the magic happening with your words.

Go, prepare a cup of coffee ☕, and let the party start


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