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JK Rowling Turned Down By 12 Publishers Before Finding Success With Harry Potter Books. You can do it

How to write a short story in 5 steps

Short stories are the most advised type of writing for beginner writers, and there is so much fun writing short stories. It is also crowded with many benefits, starting with the slightest effort spent. Short fiction is a great way to discover the world writing, make a good friendship...continue reading

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romance novels are almost the reader's favorite type. We can prove that by the increased number of readers day after day. Not only do readers love to read romance novels, but writers also love writing romance novels. These novels are enjoyable, delightful,... continue reading

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mistakes to avoid while writing

8 mistakes to avoid for a better carrer in writing

you are here certainly because you want to start writing but are still lost. You want bits of advice, and that is very normal. If you're a beginner, I hope you will find a clear path to start. If you're not, I hope it will help you find the tricks you ... continue reading

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These Are The 12 Hidden Secrets To Write A Novel That Sells

Suddenly, you've opened your eyes after a short blink to found yourself here after googling how to write a good novel. Unquestionably, you've made the acquaintance of plenty of blogs before this one. hundreds of ideas are crowded...continue reading

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mystery story ideas

Day after day, mystery books are getting so much attention and passion. It is not a hidden thing that once a reader picks a mystery-thriller book, he can never put it down until the book is over. Here is one of the amusing facts, once you read a mystery book, you're going...continue reading

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It is hard to write a novel?

You can see that the title of this article is a question. Maybe it was the question that lead you to this article. So you can assume that the content of this article will be the answer. Of course it is. But I have to warn you first that the answer won't be a because but five steps that will make writing easier and funnier.... continue reading

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8 tips to write good characters

I bet you did. Then what was the first thing that comes to your mind? Closing the book, and move to another one. Smart move. Because flat characters screw a whole book even if it's over 500 pages. you won't like to write a boring character like the one you've met with, It is not hard to write good... continue reading

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Your guide to write the best strong female character + ideas

Strong women are attractive. Every girl aspires to be one, and every man wants to gain the heart of a strong woman. However, it's not always easy to be a powerful and strong-minded girl, especially since girls are known for their weak emotions. Strong women aren't highly demanded... continue reading

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